Queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus) feeding on buttonbush flowers

Attracting birds, butterflies and other wildlife is a wonderful way to make a difference right outside your door. it all starts with the things you plant. Thats why this is a gardening program

When you create a wildlife-friendly garden, you’ll be rewarded by knowing your doing your part to help restore habitat. Imagine looking out the window into a landscape teeming with singing birds, colorful butterflies and beautiful plants and water features that attract wildlife.

Bee on the flowers of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree

It’s easer than you think.

Just provide the basic componets of habitat and the birds and other wildlife will show up! It’s that simple!


1. Plant a shrub that flowers for pollinators and produces berries for birds and other animals

2. Put out a birdbath. Even small water features will be used by wildlife.

3. provide cover with dense schrubs, wildflowers, gardens, rock walls, and evergreens.

4. Mount a nesting box for birds, plant host plants for butterfly caterpillars or install a frog pond.

5. Put away the fertilizers

Any place where you can create a wildlife friendly garden can be recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Visit www.nfw.org/gardenforwildlife