Rachel Sue Nichols – Regulate Florida

The Regulate Florida campaign petition drive is currently in circulation to add a proposed amendment to Florida’s constitution on the 2018 ballot; asking voters to say, “Yes!” to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in 2018.  The passing of this Amendment would be a huge victory on the road to legalization.

If passed, the amendment will allow for regulated marijuana in a manner like alcohol by establishing age, licensing and other restrictions.  It would permit legal, responsible adult use of marijuana to people 21 and older.  The amendment will allow individuals to grow a small number of plants for personal use (6 mature, flowering per person aged 21+, per household) and the language is clear in that the legislature can only increase these quantities.  The amendment requires licensing of more businesses with the ability to only apply for one, and not all parts of the process as it is in the current vertically integrated system.  The proposed amendment will also establish protections regarding Second Amendment rights, privacy rights as well as stopping arrests and incarcerations which cost millions of tax-payer dollars each year.  It will also allow individuals to have legal freedom of choice as to whether they would rather choose marijuana instead of alcohol.  Moreover, arrests for marijuana are expected to dramatically decrease within the state after legalization is voted into law.

Prohibition of alcohol failed miserably and the same failure has happened with the prohibition of marijuana.  By bringing marijuana prohibition to an end in Florida, the benefits garnered from ending prohibition will become evident within the first days as people feel the freedom to choose marijuana as an alternative to alcohol.  There is a certain weight that is lifted with the legalization of marijuana and Regulate Florida is focused on driving this campaign to a successful outcome.

A few of Regulate Florida’s Principles of Responsible Marijuana Regulation include the following:

•  Preventing access to minors, impaired driving and the involvement of criminal enterprise (black market) through regulation.

•  Permitting limited home cultivation and encouraging those individuals, and nurseries, to participate in responsible growing principles by minimizing power, water and environmental impact.

• Limiting sales by only licensed growers, manufacturers and retail establishments.

•  Allowing responsible, educated choices by adults 21 and older.

•  Allowing for consumption within a private business establishment.

•  Expanding to a horizontal and inclusive business model.

The amendment is four pages long resulting from the strict language needed to provide clear wording as guidance to the legislature of Florida after passage of the initiative.  The amendment is separate and does not affect the medical marijuana bill or low-THC medical marijuana law.

The process for getting an amendment onto the ballot in Florida is the following:

1. Construct the petition.

2. Start the petition. 

3. Gather signatures (76,632) from registered Florida voters for Florida Supreme Court review.

4. Petition submitted for review.

5. Petition approved.

6. Gather 766,200 verified signatures from registered Florida voters by December 31, 2017.

7. Ballot initiative placed up for Florida vote.

To read, print, sign and send in the full ballot initiative

visit www.RegulateFlorida.com/PrintPetition/

Everyone involved with Regulate Florida are passionately driven to bring access to marijuana to every person in Florida.  Prohibition has failed, the implementation of Amendment 2 is failing and the resolution to these failures is responsible, regulated adult-use of marijuana.  Please join Regulate Florida in getting this initiative on the ballot in 2018 and then go to the polls to vote the measure into law.  The time to act is now!