Jeff Riman – King Kanine

There is a product that has the pet industry buzzing the likes of which not many products have done before. There is also an aspect of this product that is greatly misunderstood. Initially CBD gets confused with THC. This is probably because most news stories or magazine articles are marquee’d with the title “Weed for Dogs” or “How weed saved my dog” or something along these lines.  I’m sure this was used to grab attention.  Well unfortunately this is the information that most people took with them.  Truth is THC can actually be toxic for dogs.  Our mission is to educate pet owners and retailers on what Cannabidiol (CBD) actually is and what it is not.

We must start by letting them know that there is less then .003% THC in our products. This is an important bit of information because once we get past that, then the information on the amazing quality  of this product can begin.  We want to educate pet owners on the therapeutical effects of KING KALM CBD like the strong anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory benefits.  We also talk about the anti-oxidant factors as well as studies showing that CBD is a great neuroprotectant. This is also what makes CBD for pets one of the best regular use all natural wellness product available.

One of the main questions we get is what makes KING KALM CBD the best choice? To answer this we have to start with how stringent our manufacturing processes are.  How we formulate every bottle our product to FDA standards and how we will never allow any metals, pesticides or anything synthetic in our ingredients and formulas.

The AKC has research that shows that over 40% of all dogs have some form of anxiety and that a high percentage of senior dogs suffer from painful arthritis. Knowing this it’s more important to us to have the absolute best products available.  We always urge people to watch our videos or to do their research before buying a CBD product.