BY Matthew Alvarez: NORML of Miami & 420 Foundation

Summer 2017 has come and gone now. Along with many cannabis events that are slowly becoming distant memories. I had the pleasure of travelling the country from coast to coast this summer; east-to-west and south-to-north. In my adventures I attended many cannabis events and learned more about the plant than I ever had known before. Hands down though one event stood out to me the most; Chalice Festival.

In San Bernardino, CA, stands the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, smack in the middle of the desert about a 2 hour drive from LAX. Going for a full 3 days, Chalice Festival is California’s must attended event for the 710 Holiday. Besides the sweltering heat with temperatures reaching 113F, one couldn’t complain with so many cannabis vendors. There were 8 large buildings. Each building was filled with aisles of Americas top cannabis vendors; at least 50 in each building. They had a main stage for musical talents to perform throughout the event. Jungle Boys, one of the main sponsors had even brought a Ferris wheel just for the purpose of enjoying cannabis on it. Right next to the Ferris wheel was an outdoor glass village filled with glass art and artists who were doing live glassblowing demos. For the veteran smoker Chalice was overwhelming in size. I could only imagine what a first time smoker might think of the event.

With so many vendors it was easy enough to find anything cannabis related that one could dream of. I was offered Delta-8-THC at the Guild Extracts booth and had no idea what it could be compared to the usual Delta-9-THC. Making my way at one point to the Raw Garden booth I got to speak with the owner’s wife about Clean Green Certified marijuana. Clean Green Certified marijuana is marijuana that was grown to Organic standards and then some to meet the cannabis industry standards. Organic is a federally regulated term and marijuana isn’t considered an FDA agricultural crop. The cannabis industry has come to create Clean Green Certification as a way of allowing patients access to quality medicine that they can rest assured was grown properly with sustainable, natural and organic-based methods.

Chalice was very informative. It had all the best names in the cannabis industry in attendance. Nobody held back for the holiday. Everyone brought out the best they had. It was a sight to see for sure. I’ll definitely be back again if the universe allows it. Chalice is one event of your summer that ought not to be missed.